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How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Another? If you own an iPhone and want to transfer data from your device to another, then this guide is for you. You can easily sync data from one phone with another using different apps or services.

Even if your friend has an iPhone and you want to transfer contacts, photos, videos, notes or other data between the two phones so that both of you can have access to your information without manually entering it over and over again.
We’ll show you how to connect your iPhone with a computer or a USB cable so that it can be transferred as well. Before we get into details regarding the technical aspects of connecting your device with other devices, let us take a look at some advantages of transferring data from one phone to another in detail:

Sync Data between iPhones

One of the best things about transferring data from one iPhone to another is that you don’t have to manually enter the same information over and over again. If you’re like most people, then you’re constantly entering different pieces of information into your phone’s calendar, contacts list and notes application. With two iPhones, you can easily share this information with your friends or family members by syncing with them. When you sync a device with someone else’s iPhone, it will automatically pull in all the details from both devices so that everything matches up seamlessly.
Data syncing is also helpful when trying to organize your life. Your favorite calendar app or note-taking app may only be available on one specific phone. By syncing these apps between two devices, other users will be able to access them as well.
The above mentioned benefits are just some of the reasons why many people choose to sync their data between two iPhones instead of manually entering it in a separate iPhone every time they need it.

Sync Data between Android and iPhone

Data transfer from one device to another is also referred to as data synchronization and syncing. Synchronizing data between devices lets both of the connected devices have access to the same content and saves a lot of time. You can manually transfer your data from one device to another or you can use different apps or services to do so.

Sync Data Between iOS and Windows PC

Sync Data Between iOS and Windows PC

For a smartphone user, the ability to sync data between their devices is a boon. With it, they can have access to their information on an iPhone and then easily transfer the same data to their Windows PC. That way, they don’t need to enter all their information each time they use their PC.
But you can also do this with your computer and other devices like a laptop or tablet with ease by using the same method.

In fact, it’s possible for you to transfer data from iOS devices like iPhones or iPads onto your Android device as well. In addition, you can also transfer data from your Windows PC onto another Windows PC if you have both of them connected with one another wirelessly as well.

Sync Data Between Android and PC

One of the most convenient ways to transfer data from your iPhone to another phone is by using a USB cable. The first step in connecting your device with a computer is by plugging the USB cable into the back of your device and then plugging it into a computer.

Once you connect your device with a computer, you should be able to access iTunes on that same machine. Now, you should be able to see all the content on your iPhone within iTunes.

In order to transfer data though, you have to go through the process of backing up and restoring data or syncing them between different devices.
If you want to sync or backup data between two iPhones, then you have to follow these steps:

Should you sync data manually?

Manual syncing means that you need to manually move data from one device to another or from one cloud account to another.

This can be tedious, especially if your iPhone has a lot of data. You might also want to avoid this method because it is not secure and all the information can be lost if your phone gets damaged, stolen or goes missing.

Which apps can be used for data transfer?

There are many apps which can be used for data transfer. If you want to transfer your data from one phone to another, then use the following apps:
– iCloud
– iTunes
– iMazing
– iExplorer
– Bytafone
– AirPort Express
– AirDrop
– Google Drive
– Dropbox
To make sure that your device is compatible with the app you chose, check if it requires iOS 10 or above.


iphone to iphone transfers data can be done in several ways, but the most common is by using a cloud service. The process itself is simple: choose the app and then find your iPhone in the list of devices.

Next, enter the passcode to your iPhone and select the data you want to transfer.



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